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Additional Services

Gutter Cleaning

An important but often overlooked part of home maintenance is keeping your gutters (eaves troughs) clean and free of debris so that rain water drains properly. If debris from nearby trees collects in the gutters it can impede the water from draining properly and cause water to run over the edges which can lead to basement leaking and foundation problems. In the winter months, clogged gutters can also contribute to the formation of ice dams. An ice dam is a barrier of ice that prevents water from flowing off the roof. It is created when snow on a roof melts and then refreezes at the roof edge. As more water continues to melt and refreeze, the dam builds and prevents water from flowing into the gutter and away from the home. Standing water behind the ice dam can back up under the roof shingles and penetrate the roofing material, causing interior leakage. To avoid costly repairs, be sure to have us check the gutters on your home at least twice a year, late in the spring and fall seasons.

Window Screens

Cleaning your window screens should be done at least twice a year to keep them in good shape. The cleaning of window screens that are mounted on the outside of your home is especially important to your window staying cleaner longer. As a

courtesy to you, we offer free window screen removal for storage in the fall through the winter season and free reinstallation in the spring when requested, with a window cleaning service!



Hard Water Stain Removal


Our chemical application service can rescue glass that has been stained and restore it to like new condition. Hard water stains form on windows that are exposed to over-spray from lawn irrigation systems. Mineral deposits in the water collect on the glass and appear as a hazy white or sometimes yellow film. If left on the glass, this film will etch the glass over a period of time. Your windows can be safely restored by our professional staff using our chemical application service, eliminating the risk of expensive window replacement.

Paint & Deck Sealer Removal

If your home was recently painted or your deck/patio was recently treated, your window cleaning may require the removal of paint or deck/patio sealers. Our window cleaning staff can safely remove paint and sealants from your windows.


t_2-453e3d6d0f4a2New Construction Window Cleaning

As a member of the Building Industry Association (BIA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), we have completed hundreds of new construction projects over the years. Our years of experience in the construction industry combined with our expertise in window cleaning can benefit you. Our crews know what to look for to avoid tempered and heat treated glass damage during cleaning. Our specialized methods for cleaning windows on new construction effectively finish your home on time and without damaging the glass and surrounding woodwork.

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