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Residential Window Cleaning


You can expect to receive exceptional service from our staff. Your windows will be professionally cleaned, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views your home has to offer. Both the inside and outside of your home get special attention. EWC does not use harsh chemicals for ordinary cleaning. We use a professional solution that it biodegradable, USDA approved and safe on all windows and window tinting films. Inside your home, the cleaning solution is exposed only to the window glass and frame surface. Mold, mildew, dust and other allergens are cleaned from your window surfaces. A recent study revealed that mold grows on 88% of all windowsills. Our professional cleaning solutions will safely remove these substances from your home. Outside we are careful around your flower garden, landscape lighting and shrubs.


*The removal of paint, deck/patio sealers and hard water staining from your glass is not part of ordinary cleaning but can be done at your request, at an additional cost.

Outdoor Service Options

t_2-453e20fa07ffaHome Window Cleaning Service Options 
Enjoy the convenience and beauty of clean windows all year by choosing a regular maintenance schedule that´s right for you. There are several cleaning frequencies available to you at discounted rates. Your service can be changed at anytime; there is no contract to sign! 

  • Monthly Homes near main roads, dirt roads, wooded lots and construction sites require this regular service. A must for high maintenance areas and meticulous home owners, this regular service keeps windows always looking their best. 
  • Bi-Monthly The most popular choice, every other month service is perfect for all homes, especially near high traffic roadways or wooded lots. This routine is great for those who prefer attention to detail. 
  • Quarterly This service keeps your home looking fresh and bright every season of the year. Your outdoor views are kept clear while preventing dirt buildup on your windows. This is ideal for established neighborhoods where all new construction and landscaping have been completed. 
  • Spring/Fall Twice a year service is necessary to maintain the overall appearance of your home. This bi-annual routine is essential for any home, preserving and protecting your windows from unwanted buildup of contaminates which left unchecked can potentially stain the glass and its surrounding woodwork.


Additional Services


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